La Playa de Gulpiyuri


My parents shared their love and admiration for the world of art through classical music and their collection of decorative arts.  I can very vividly still see the encyclopedias, art vases and other artifacts that inspired the sun journey stories in Sun Night. 

There is a story in the book that I wanted to use to pay homage to my family name.  This is the story of the sun when it arrives to Spain.  A few years ago, I traveled to the Asturias region of Spain.  I had never felt such an electric connection to a place on this earth.  The blood that runs through my veins came from this place.  For this reason, I used the Gulpiyuri beach near Villahormes where my family origins have been documented to come from, as the setting for the story.  I won't give it away, as you will need to read the book to experience it, but this is truly a spiritual and unique place on earth like none other. 

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