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Reviewed by A. L. Peevey for Readers' Favorite
Sun Night by E.H. de la Espriella is a memoir, telling the story of two boys, Santiago and Sebastian, brothers connected by an exceptionally tight bond. The older one, Sebastian, is sensitive, pensive, and artistic while the younger Santiago is outgoing, athletic, and boisterous yet protective of Sebastian. Taking refuge in nightly conversations helps them sort through their experiences at school and at home, answering questions about life. These bedtime talks often become journeys across the world, imaginative and illustrated by the sun and clouds and other aspects of the heavens, to such diverse destinations as China, Italy, and Spain, and into space itself. But, the two brothers learn the difference between imagination and the realities of life as they are faced with parental discord and, ultimately, death itself.

The language of E.H. de la Espriella’s Sun Night is often lyrical, showing us scenes as if through a kaleidoscope, evoking wonder yet still profound. Just as often, the language is plain spoken, describing the boys’ and their parents’ interactions and conversations matter-of-factly. Written in the third person, this allows readers to enter the minds of various characters. This book is much like a travelogue, though equal parts fantasy and reality. It also affirms the truth that loved ones who are no longer with us continue to affect our lives and not just through our grief at their loss. Finally, young readers can discover new truths and identify with the boys’ experiences while older readers can rediscover misplaced childhood wisdom and answers to forgotten questions. This book is well worth the read!