New Review from Book Pipeline


Early last year, I entered SUN NIGHT in a competition called Book Pipeline that seeks new material for film and television adaptation. The competition was fierce with many entries. The contest closed just a few days ago and semifinalists were selected. While my book was not included in this prestigious list, I received quite an encouraging evaluation of my story that I could not pass to share with you. It is an anonymous review from the Book Pipeline judges, a short paragraph but one that clearly emphasizes the relevance of my story in today’s world.

Sun Night - While most industry execs would normally shy away from memoirs with a loose and thematic structure, the relationship between the brothers is compelling here. Combined with the magical realism elements (“The Fall,” “Pan’s Labyrinth”), I could see this one working in an indie drama space. It’s always nice to see an extra amount of professional polish to the writing as well. Worth a second look. If it falls short of Semifinals, it certainly won't be because of the writing itself.