A few months ago, CBS News Sunday Morning produced a story about the sun art that they display at the end of each segment of the show. Jessica Frank, an associate director at CBS carefully curates the art inventory for every show. I said to myself, why not send her a copy of my book. It would be cool to be part of the history of the show and share my artwork with others around the country. The next morning, I shipped her a copy and a note in a post card that I had created with the cover art of my book.

The collage artwork shown on the Sun Night cover is an important part of the story which I created about a year before the book was even completed. The cover represents sun rays moving outward from the center from white to yellows, oranges, and ending in red ray bands.

On Saturday evening, April 6, I received the most wonderful news from Jessica at CBS News Sunday Morning telling me that my artwork would be featured at the end of a segment about actor Sam Rockwell the next morning. I was in shock and happy to get the news! I screamed when I read the email. I couldn’t believe it!

The artwork was featured in the April 7 show. Here is the ending sequence of that segment. Enjoy!